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In1962, one art lover named Ajit Chakraborti returned to Calcutta with a set of etchings, engravings , wood-cuts and linocuts by Chekoslovakian masters. He exhibited them in his Artistry House, one of the well known galleries of those days. This was pre-liberalization era and Indian had very few opportunities to see European art first hand. The opportunity to poor artists was even less. The Society of Contemporary Artists was then a fledgling group of directionless artists who wanted to make prints which could be sold easily and cheaply. Naturally this unique exhibition proved helpful to them. Soon the artists joined hands to buy print machines and set up a mini-work shop to make cheap prints.

History knows that what started then as a way of making ends meet by making prints was to pave way for new styles of art. Etching, Linocut, woodcut , Intaglio are today not just printing crafts, but are mediums of art with independent identities.

Who knows what mediums artists like Laxma Goud would have used if etching was not introduced in this manner, or what would Sanat Kar would have done , had there been no knowledge of Woodcut, and intaglio.

Linocut work of Swapan Das and  etching work of Laxma Goud









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