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This is not a commercial site. Hence queries regarding sale of art-works would not be entertained.


If you are an artist or a gallery owner, and if you would like us to carry your link, then please do the following

1. First put a link of any relevant page of this site in your site

2. Then e-mail to us with the link-page in your site.

3. In the e-mail send us the material that you would like us to put in our site. 

4. We would respond within 15days from the date of your request.

Mail us at   : 


If you want to put details of your exhibition on our "Exhibitions" page, then please send us the details, fifteen days prior to your exhibition with the following details

1. Venue of exhibition

2. Date of exhibition

3. Number of exhibits

4. Medium of work

5. name of person (if any) inaugurating the show

Mail us with the details at :

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