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Sometime in early 90s a young man came to work as an Assistant Director at the Central Statistical Organisation's Baranagar office. Unmarried and given to very simple way of living, the man spent most of the time in reading magazines and then tearing off the pages of photos for collection. One day it came to his mind to paste these scraps to create colourful images. the result became striking. this soon became a passion and he continued doing the job everyday. it took him some five years before he could create a volume of such works.

Armed with these collages he approached the galleries in Calcutta. "Do you have an art-degree?" "Have you learnt art from some one?" The answer to all these questions could only be negative. the verdict was therefore that he can never become an artist. Besides collage was not art. it could only be called craft.

Faced with such hostility, the man stopped doing any more art-work. His basic degree was in statistics; how could he ever become an artist!

But a few years later, he was taken into their fold by the newly formed Society of contemporary Artists. They exhibited his works and gradually people started recognising him. Today the young man is young no more but a legend in his own rights. he runs a school which grooms new collagists. Two of his best known disciples are Devajyoti Ray and Shakila , both important artists of our times. Noprize can be given for guessing the name of the man. he was BR Panesar






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