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Sanat Kar


Sanat Kar's work in Intaglio

Nirode Majumdar's work of water colour and ink on paper

Nirode Majumdar


Lalu Prasad Shaw


Lalu Prosad Shaw's work in Tempera on Board

Devajyoti Ray 's Collage on paper

Devajyoti Ray




        In pre-industrial Europe, when artists used to make their own colours from natural pigments, egg was found to be the best binder. Thus came Egg-tempera. In post-industrial Europe with the standardisation of colours, oil replaced tempera as the major medium of art and since then it continues to remain the most versatile medium of all. With the invention of photography however, as the need for realistic oil paintings came down, artists found more freedom in experimenting with other emerging medium like Gouache, Conte and Watercolor

Swapan Das

Linocut work of Swapan Das (on the left) and Conte work of Wasim Kapoor (right)

Wasim Kapur

        Thus medium of art is decided less by the artists and more by the technological changes of the time.  When seen in the context of history, we see artists of various times experimenting with certain types of medium which are not used any more on a later date.

Dharmnarayan Dasgupta

        The old artists of pre-colonial era of Santiniketan adopted ink-works in the style of Japanese and Chinese artists. An indigenous forms of woodcut and Linocut were also very popular. Artists like Sanat Kar had practised Linocut works even after independence.   But what really caught the fancy of Bengal's artists after independence was Etching. Almost all major artists of the time like Ganesh Paine, BR Panesar and Lalu Prosad Shaw had made series of etching works. Along with Etching what most artists like Wasim Kapoor and Dhiraj Chouchuri had worked on was two toned Conte and Tempera. A large part of Dhrmanarayan Dasgupta's works are in this medium.

Tempera painting of Dharmanarayan Dasgupta

       In the post liberalization phase, Conte with its two colour limitation is no more practised. Tempera and Gouache is replaced by the more easily usable Acrylic. Colage is one more medium which is now on its way out. Devajyoti Ray and Shakila are among the few notable names who continue to work in this medium. Otherwise new generation artists work more on computer graphics and applique works and in the absence of any clear technique most of these new works are loosely called mixed-medium.

Sajal Ray

 Gouache painting of Sajal Roy




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