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        In the 1960s, Benode Bihari Mukherjee lost his eye sight and started making collages which he could make by the feel of his fingers. These are some of the old collages that still survive. But after him no artists of repute took up collages till BR Panesar came to the field.

        Panesar's collages have a special quality. when seen from a close distance, the collages does not make any sense, but when seen from a distance a clear, realistic, almost photographic scene emerges. Panesar's collages are very rare these days and they are not easily available in the market. Below is a collage made by his disciple Devajyoti Ray

 By Devajyoti Ray

This collage made by Ray was done in exact style of Panesar. When seen without enlarging, or when seen from a great distance, the image appears to be a scene of a tin-roof hut near the bank of a water body. But when enlarged, or seen closely, one gets lost in a spate of loosely torn paper pieces. 

         Another of  Panesar's most well known disciples, Shakila works only in the medium of collages. But Shakila's works are not done in the same style. They are much simpler and more figurative.

 by Shakila

Shakila's collage

       Panesar today runs a art-school in Kolkata where many new aspirants are taught the art of collage making.





        Bal Raj Panesar, had always been the odd man in the Bengal Art Circle. Born in the year 1927 in  Punjab, Panesar came to Kolkata to study Statistics at the Indian Statistical Institute, and then work as an officer for the Ministry of Planning. He painted during his free time without any formal training in art and yet his art was of such standard that he enthralled the art lovers with ease. He was made a member of the Society of Contemporary Artists in 1974, the group to which other important artists of the time belonged including Sunil Das, Bikash Bhattacharya, Ganesh paine , etc. .


 Raj Panesar

        Yet critics had never been favourable to Panesar. Like Manu Parekh, his works too remained undervalued and it is only in recent past that he has come to the limelight when some art lovers and disciples like Devajyoti Ray and Shakila spread his name among the wider audience.

        Panesar is one of those few painters who have never painted for commercial gains and had maintained the habit of gifting his works free to anybody who might admire him. He lives humbly in a small YMCA room in Kolkata, donating a large part of his income from sale proceeds to charitable institutions. He had virtually helped artist Shakila out of penury to stand as an independent artist.


 work of BR panesar

Many such abstract works have been made by Panesar. Though abstract, they are much easier to discern than conventional abstract.

 BR Panesar


Medium and techniques of Work

       Panesar is truly a modernist abstractionist among the artists of Kolkata, having worked in such varied media as is totally outside the realm of art-school styles. He had come to the forefront by his collages , but later he adopted a similar style in oil. He had also done works in etching and ink on paper.

 Major Themes

       Panesarís works are abstract. Yet they are not so abstract so as to lend to a viewers independent interpretation. The mood and the scene is preset by the artist and yet nothing remains defined. A balance is maintained in the abstract elements so as to help the viewer in guided imagination. 





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