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             Woman is the most popular subject of art. There exists no artist who has not painted women at least at some point of their life. But women are not depicted in the same way everywhere. In Bengal the primary goddess in Devi Durga and Bengali culture gives a very high position to women. Artists like Ababnindranath Tagore had tried to portray women mostly in the role of mother.
 Abanindranath Tagore

Abanindranath Tagore's famous painting Bharat Mata, where he equates woman to mother and mother to motherland.

        Ravindranath Tagore on the other hand had shown women in a more down to earth form. Modern day painters who have seen the emergence of women as equal to men have shown women in a less mystifying form than before.

Sunil Das's woman figures do not show any element of fantasy. they ratehr show the ugliness that might exist in a woman's life.

 Sunil Das


        In Paresh Maity's works women are even shown in openly sexual contexts. In works of Devajyoti Ray , an even younger painter, women are seen in modern attire, practically poised without any element of fantasy.

Paresh Maity's women in a sexula context.

Devajyoti Ray's demystified modern woman


        Paresh Maiti, like Maya Burman, Devajyoti Ray and Shakila is one of the younger masters of Indian art today. he has often been referred these days as the new face of Indian Art. He was born in 1965. After graduating from the Government College of Art and Crafts , Kolkata, Maiti shifted his base to Delhi where he completed MFA from the College of Art and then straight away went into exhibiting his works.        

         But Paresh Maity had not learnt art only from the institutions. He had artists among his relatives some of whom like Shakti Burman,Maya Burman, Jayashree Burman are today important painters.

Paresh Maity

      Maity is an immensely talented and hard working man as he can produce art works at great pace and he is probably the only artist in India who has produced such a huge volume of works in such a short span of time. Paresh Maiti has put up more than forty solo exhibitions in India and abroad in a short span of time.

        Initially Maity had started with water-colours but later he almost abandoned water-color works and started making paintings in oil. Maity's oil works are easily distinguishable as most of these have a central woman figure which Paresh calls the Nayika. The whole painting then shows some aspect of this woman's life.

Paresh Maity's water color

Paresh Maity's water color work (left) and his new oil on canvas work (right) showing character Nayika

Oil painting of Paresh Maity


Medium and Technique of Works

Paresh Maiti started with water colours on very large pieces of paper which had caught the attention of art lovers almost instantly. But later Maiti shifted towards oil on canvas when he painted ethnically dressed women involved in household activities

Major Themes

Paresh Maitiís themes vary with the medium he uses. In water colours, he paints mostly water-scapes with boats. But in oil and acrylic, Maiti uses flat colours to depict women in ethnic dresses. 







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